Below is some information about Iðavelli Hof's Rede

Current Redesfolk:

Current officers:

Rede Positions, Terms, etc.

The 'Rede' is the Iðavelli Hof's Board of Directors. It consists of five individuals total (see above) plus 4 offices:

The office of Jarl is an elected office, and the Jarl holds that office for 1 year. The Jarl is also a member of the Rede; the other four Rede positions are also elected positions and serve for a term of 2 years. The Ristakona, Wealthwarder, and Redespeaker offices are appointed by the Rede at its discretion, and may or may not also be Rede members. All Rede members except the Jarl hold their positions for 2 years. However, every year at the annual Þing, two positions are up for election in addition to the Jarl's position. Thus, a new Jarl is elected every year alongside two of the remaining four Rede positions. This pattern provides a balance of continuity and change for the organization, as each year two Rede members will have served 1 year, and the two who have served 2 years will be up for election along with the Jarl. Voting Members in good standing are eligible both to run for election to the Rede and to vote in elections (Rede, Membership, etc.).

Bios of Current Redesfolk

Phil is a software engineer by trade and all-around technophile. He was introduced to Ásatrú when a friend converted to Heathenism. While carefully avoiding a detailed bio here, he has managed to serve as Jarl from our founding until the first þing, and again from 2011-2012, and as Wealthwarder in between. He is a North Carolina native, and as a Linux guru, finds it very easy to type characters like Á, ó, ú, and þ.

Ana is a math professor for her day job and also works on her family's small farm. She was a founding member of the Hof and has also served on the rede of The Troth. She lives in Hillsborough with her husband Eric and their three sons, and a large number of goats, cats, chickens, fruit trees, berries, and vegetable plants.

Cynthia is a full-time mom and has been active with various groups in the NC pagan community since 2001. She is currently most active with Iðavelli Hof, where she runs the monthly children's program and serves on the Rede; and Carolina Spirit Quest, where she has served as President and Winter Quest Director. She loves craft projects of just about any kind and enjoys sharing her crafting passion with the children. Cynthia lives in Hillsborough with her husband Dan, two daughters, and three cats.