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January 2014:

  • Sunday 26 January - Blot (5:00 pm) (map)

    The monthly blot Skaði and the disir

February 2014:

  • Sunday 23 February - Monthly blot (3:00 pm) (map)

    Come join Eric and Ana as they dedicate and ask for blessings on their new forest garden space. Everyone will be able to take home some of the consecrated soil and mulch for their own gardens or potted plants. Bring a snack and a favorite game and plan to socialize afterward. Please contact analeia.mckee@gmail.com if you need directions

March 2014:

  • Sunday 23 March - Blot (3:00 pm)

    Please join Idhavelli Hof on March 23 at 3:00 for our Blot to Ostara (or Eostre), the ancient Germanic goddess of spring, led by Cynthia Campbell.

    Spring is here, the turning of the year from winter's quiet contemplation to Summer's bounty. This is a time for play and laughter, and also a time for planting the seeds we hope to harvest during the rest of the year. Please bring any offering appropriate to the season - flowers, fruit, juice, honey, anything biodegradable - that you wish.

    After the blot, we will have eggs to decorate that you can bring home to plant in your garden for fertility (or if you lack a garden, you can take it home and eat it!) and we will also have an egg hunt for the children. Please email Cynthia at moonfire72@gmail.com if your child has any food restrictions...we will have some sugary treats in the eggs, but they will be dairy and gluten free.

    The blot will be taking place at the Campbells' home in Orange County. The recent ice storms have done extensive damage to the trees in the grove, so we'll be setting up closer to the house this year.

May 2014:

  • Sunday 4 May - Hof Blot (3:00 pm) (map)

    This will be our April blot. It's a blot to your favorite norse Gods and Goddeses.
    Afterward, Hotdogs will be provided.

June 2014:

  • Saturday 14 June - Thing!

July 2014:

  • Friday 11 July - Discussion meeting (7:00 pm) (map)

    At the Thing we said we wanted to discuss how to get more depth in Blots and other things related to spiritual growth. We will also be figuring out future discussion topics and what not

  • Sunday 27 July - Blot (5:00 pm) (map)

    Join us for our monthly Blot and pot luck dinner

August 2014:

  • Sunday 31 August - Blot to Frigga (5:00 pm) (map)

    Blot to Frigga
    "What is old has become new."
    As we approach the end of summer and draw ever near Winternights Frigga prepares the Hearthfire in Finslair, Her Hall of renewal. Join Idhavelli Hof Sunday August 31st at UUCH when we blot to Frigga and ask Her assistance as we seek to make what was old become new again. Over Her Hearthfire is Her ever present cauldron wherein lies the magical potions She constantly brews for the benefit of all who will offer to Her in sincerity. Come prepared to offer Her what you need for Her to brew anew and to offer (Blot) to Her.
    Arrive at 5:00 and the formal part of the blot will begin at approximately 5:30 and last 30-40 minutes. There will be a potluck afterwards for those who wish to stay.
    Hope to see you there

September 2014:

  • Sunday 28 September - Monthly Blot at UUCH (5:00 pm) (map)

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