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January 2010:

  • Sunday 24 January - Rede Meeting

February 2010:

  • Sunday 28 February - Blót to Eir (1:30 pm)

    Idhavelli Hof's February Blót is Sunday, February 28. Tammie will lead a Blót to Eir at Umstead Community Park in Chapel Hill. We will gather at 1:30 PM, with the blot starting promptly at 2 PM.

    Eir is one of four handmaidens to Frigga. She is associated with healing, especially the medicinal properties of herbs. Eir prefers the gentler and slower methods of healing. She is a patron of health care workers.

    Offerings to Eir include fruit juices, fruits and vegetables, healing herbs, honey and flowers. Please note: Umstead Community Park does not allow alcohol, so please refrain from bringing mead as an offering.

    Directions to Umstead Community Park in Chapel Hill can be found here on our website. Please note: this is not W.B. Umstead Park in Raleigh.

    If you have any questions about the Blót or the Hof, please contact Dan at redespeaker@idhavellihof.org

March 2010:

  • Sunday 21 March - Rede Meeting

  • Sunday 28 March - Eostre Blót (2:00 pm)

    This month's blot will be to Easter/Eostre/Ostara, the Saxon goddess of Spring and fertility. We will be meeting at Swanfire Hall at 2:00 PM with the blot at 2:30. We will be making a communal offering which the Hof will provide. People who want to contribute something may want to consider bringing a monetary contribution for the Hof's blot fund; there will be a donation basket available. After the blot, there will be an egg hunt for both the young and the young at heart. Everyone is welcome to bring a snack to share and stick around to visit, munch and compare their egg hunt loot. Most likely we will have week-old goats playing within easy view of the back porch, so if the weather is nice, it could make for a very pleasant afternoon.

    If you have any questions about the Blót or need directions, please contact Eric at schwenkee@gmail.com

April 2010:

  • Sunday 25 April - Blót to Odin and his ravens (2:00 pm)

    As Odhinn's Ride is coming to it's conclusion, join us for our April Blot at Raven Rock State Park in Lillington, N.C. We will be gathering at 2:00 pm with the Blot starting at 2:30. Raven Rock is so named because the bluffs overlooking the Cape Fear River were once the roosting spot of ravens. This blot will focus on Odhinn and His Ravens, Hugin ("The Mind") and Munin ("The Memories"). We will have three rounds with the first being to Munin, or the memories, the ancestors, Mimir or any other similar aspect. Then we will turn to Odhinn Himself with that round being to Sleipnir's Rider and His soon return. The final round will be to Hugin, or the mind, wisdom, Frigga, Tyr, or any other similar aspects.

    Please be aware that Raven Rock is a state park and alcohol is strictly forbidden. Any offerings should be those that will be enviromentally friendly and will decompose relatively soon. Please do not bring anything that needs burning as that will not be part of this blot. At the conclusion of the blot proper, those wishing to do so may go along for the relatively long walk to the actual bluffs themselves where a final offering will be made. This will require a hike of near a mile through the woods and down and back up a very long flight of stairs (at least 4 stories). The main blot will be a very short walk from the parking/meeting area.

    We will be meeting at the picnic tables just off the parking area at the end of Raven Rock Rd (State Road 1314). This is the picnic area at beginning of the Raven Rock Loop Trail shown on the map. Raven Rock Rd is off of Hwy 421. See this link for a map of and to the site.

    If you have any questions about the Blót or the Hof, please contact redespeaker@idhavellihof.org

May 2010:

  • Sunday 16 May - Rede Meeting

  • Sunday 23 May - Blót to the Einherjar (2:00 pm)

    Idhavelli Hof's May Blot is Sunday, May 23, on Ft. Bragg Army Installation in Fayetteville, NC. We will gather at 2 PM and the blot will start at 2:30. This blot is being led by Becky.

    This blot is to the Einherjar or the battle slain. Odin and Freya split the chosen between their halls where all kinds of merriment and training take place.

    This is not a dry site and mead is encouraged as a very appropriate offering to fallen warriors, heroes, the gods and your ancestors: all of whom will be called, welcomed and Hailed to join us at our Blot, Any items of significance to you and your relationship to the Einherjar, a lore hero or even an ancestor would be appropriate offerings. Weapons and armaments should be in an unusable state (broken), but figurines, photos, painted rocks, leather goods, chain or armor pieces, jewelry or other solid offerings will be taken to another location on Ft. Bragg and given proper warriors reverence. As in, only archaeologists or Special Forces in wet suits will be able to find them!

    Additionally, we will have saehrimnir (pork) sandwiches and some low test for those who haven't made it to Valhalla or Sessrumnir yet.

    Becky is requesting for people coming to this Blot to RSVP to her by Thursday evening, May 20. This is necessary so she can get clearance and Army helpers together before the close of business on Friday, May 21. Once you RSVP to Becky, she will email you directions.

    Email your RSVP or any questions to Becky at flyingbecky@hotmail.com

    If you have general questions about the Hof or Blóts, contact Dan at redespeaker@idhavellihof.org

June 2010:

  • Friday 25 June - Sunday 27 June - Midsummer Þing

July 2010:

  • Sunday 18 July - Rede Meeting

August 2010:

  • Sunday 1 August - Hláfmæst Blót to Thor and Síf (2:00 pm)

    Iðavelli Hof's July blót will be on *August 1st*. We will gather at the Campbell's to celebrate the grain harvest of Hláfmæst with a blot to Thor and Síf. Cornbread will be made, and mead brewed, then we will share the fruits of our labor together with the gods, ancestors, and holy wights.

    Please bring 1-2 pounds of honey for the mead-making and a potluck dish for dinner afterwards (if you wish to stay through supper-time). Cynthia & Dan will provide the ingredients to make the cornbread. Other offerings of fruit, grain, herbs, beer, mead, and so forth would be welcome additions during the blót.

    We will gather at 2:00 and begin mead-making and bread-making at 2:30. Both activities will be part of the blót, similar to past mead-making blóts.

    Children will be helping with both the mead- and bread-making, as they choose. We will also read the tale of Loki stealing Síf's hair and give children (of all ages :-) pages from the tale to color.

    Please RSVP *by July 29th* to Dan (redespeaker@idhavellihof.org), if you wish to attend.

  • Sunday 29 August - Blót to Nerthus (2:00 pm)

    Please join Idhavelli Hof for our August Blot to Nerthus on Sunday, August 29. We will gather at 2:00 PM with the blot starting promptly at 2:30. There will be a potluck following the blot. The blot will be at R.L. Rigsbee Shelter in Duke Forest.

    Nerthus is a goddess of fertility and the earth's bounty. She sees us as her children and enjoys seeing us play, full of joy. Appropriate offerings include flowers, honey, homemade cookies, fruit, mead, toys and poetry. Please bring a potluck dish for after the blot, while we feast in honor of Nerthus and all that she gives to us.

    For the potluck, please bring feastware. Also, feel free to bring something to throw on the grill - we'll have it going. Alcohol is permitted at this site.

    For directions to the blot, see our blóts page.

    For questions about this blot, or questions about Idhavelli Hof, please email redespeaker@idhavellihof.org

September 2010:

  • Saturday 18 September - Sunday 19 September - NC Pagan Pride Day

  • Sunday 26 September - Blót to Frigga and her Handmaidens (2:00 pm)

    September is here; Labor Day is behind us. Summer festivals and moots, holidays at the beach, and peak tomato season are over. Kids are back in school, the nights are getting chilly, and the first leaves are starting to turn colors. As Autumn begins its approach our thoughts start to turn inward, toward home and family. Please join Idhavelli Hof on Sunday, the 26th of September as we blot to Frigga and her handmaidens, the keepers of home, hearth and the bonds of family and community. We will be meeting at Swanfire Hall at 2:00 with the blot beginning at 2:30. The Hof will have a communal offering, but you may bring something if you like for all or any of the goddesses that we will be honoring. If it isn't too hot we will have a fire where offerings can be burned. If you have a particular craft project or household item upon which you would like Frigga's blessing, bring it with you. Feel free to bring a snack to share or a project to work on afterward, and stay a while to socialize.

    If you have any questions or need directions, please contact Ana: ana@analeia.net.

October 2010:

  • Sunday 17 October - Rede Meeting

  • Sunday 24 October - Winternights Blót (2:00 pm)

    Join Idhavelli Hof as we celebrate Winternights on Sunday, October 24. The pumpkins are out, the leaves are turning and we are all anticipating our first Autumn fire. Odin is preparing for his Wild Hunt.

    We will blot to to Odin and Hela at Swanfire Hall in Hillsborough, North Carolina. We will gather at 2 PM, with the blot starting at 2:30. There will be a chant of the Elder Futhark to Odin. Appropriate offerings include all things harvest related. Alcohol is allowed at this blot.

    For directions to Swanfire Hall, please contact Ana: ana@analeia.net /> For questions about Idhavelli Hof or this blot, please email redespeaker@idhavellihof.org

November 2010:

  • Sunday 14 November - Blót in honor of Veterans' Day (2:00 pm)

    Idhavelli Hof's November Blot is Sunday, Nov 14th, in downtown Fayetteville at the Linear Park Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry Memorial. We will gather at 2 PM and the blot will start at 2:30. This blot is being led by Becky. Directions to the park are below.

    The Blot will be to the Einherjar with three rounds: 1st to Odin and Freyja; 2nd to the Einherjar, living warriors, warrior heroes, veterans or any who have fallen in service against the forces of chaos; 3rd to companions of the gods, Valkyries, Sleipnir or other animal companions with respect to warriors/heroes. If you have any question about who to Hail, just ask. This is a public park and alcohol is frowned upon, however we won't be drinking it so Becky is bringing mead for toasting. Any objects sacrificed will be bound and buried for the Einherjar (in an impact or drop zone on Ft Bragg). Weapons and armaments should be in an unusable state (broken). Offerings of food, drink, figurines, photos, painted rocks, leather goods, chain or armor pieces, jewelry or other solid offerings are also acceptable.

    After the Blot there will be an opportunity to visit the Cross Creek Cemetery for gravestone rubbings or paying respect to the local fallen. This section of the cemetery has many family plots and a section dedicated to the local Civil War fallen.

    If you have general questions about the Hof or Blóts, contact redespeaker@idhavellihof.org

    DIRECTIONS from RDU via I-95: (Google Maps Link)

    1. Take I-40 East out of Raleigh, towards BENSON/FAYETTEVILLE.
    2. At the junction with I-95, take I-95 South towards FAYETTEVILLE.
    3. Merge onto I-95-BR S/US-301 S via EXIT 56 toward FAYETTEVILLE/FORT BRAGG/POPE AFB.
    4. Turn RIGHT onto GROVE ST/NC-210/NC-24.
    * GROVE ST is 0.4 miles past N EASTERN BLVD
    5. Turn LEFT onto N COOL SPRING ST.
    * N COOL SPRING ST is 0.1 miles past HAWLEY LN
    6. Take the 1st RIGHT onto MEETING ST.
    * If you reach HAWLEY LN you've gone a little too far
    The Parking lot is on the Left.

December 2010:

  • Saturday 18 December - Yule Feast (5:00 pm)

    The Yule Feast will be from 5pm-11pm at UUCH.

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