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Iðavelli Hof (or Idhavelli Hof) is a Heathen organization dedicated to establishing land and hof buildings consecrated to the Aesir & Vanir in the Hillsborough, NC area. We believe that consecrated land is vital to the practice and continuation of our religion. Consecrated land held in common provides a dedicated place for worship, fellowship, and education. While we work towards this goal, we will provide educational programs and religious services for those who wish to worship the Aesir & Vanir in frithful fellowship and/or who are interested in Heathenry.

The specific purposes of Iðavelli Hof are:

We are located in Hillsborough, North Carolina, and welcome Heathens from the Research Triangle area, Greensboro, southern Virginia, and other locales in this general area.

If you would like to donate to our Land Fund, please click this button. We are recognized as a non-profit tax exempt 501(c)3 religious organization by the IRS, and incorporated as a tax exempt church under North Carolina law.

Alternately, if you would like to donate to our General Fund (for regular operating expenses), please click this button:

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